This Republic Day, not only India, but the entire globe will witness some of the “Firsts” during the occasion. The 74th Republic Day of India is a special one in its very unique way. As we all know that the day is celebrated on the eve of the implementation of the Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950. Since then, Republic Day is observed with great zeal and fervor across the nation. The main event is held at the National Capital of India, Delhi, where the President of India unfurls the National Flag in the presence of dignitaries and the Foreign Chief Guest. During the function, a lot of happenings can be seen. One of the major attractions of the event is the Parade and many other Cultural Programs are also observed, wherein; the participants take part from different parts of the country.

There is a famous saying about “First” that

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.”

The 74th Republic Day will proves itself to be a historic one. There will be many “Firsts” in the function. Let’s look into the First Happenings on the 74th Republic Day, i.e.; 26th January, 2023:

  • On 26th January 2023; all Weapon Systems of the Army will be exhibited under the tag of ‘Made in India’.
  • One of the most charismatic views of Republic Day is the 21 Gun-Saluate. This time, on 26th January 2023; the 105mm Indian Field Guns from India will fire the 21-gun salute in place of the WWII-vintage 25-pounders from the British era. Although these same weapons were utilized on I-Day the year before, this will be their first R-Day deployment.
  • Newly recruited ‘Agniveers’ and an Egyptian Military Contingent will the part of the Parade, for the very first time.
  • A woman officer assigned at a crucial base will command the Navy’s group of 144 sailors presenting the “Nari Shakti,” which will include women soldiers defending the desert border with Pakistan.
  • With its final takeoff for the parade, the Navy’s IL-38 Aircraft, which has served the sea force for more than 40 years, will enter the annals of history. The Navy has used the IL-38 maritime reconnaissance aircraft for almost 42 years.

Some more for you

  • According to Major General Bhavnish Kumar, Chief of Staff of the Delhi Area, the Parade would begin at 10.30 am at Vijay Chowk and the contingents would march all the way to Red Fort. Due to Covid limitations, the Parade’s customary route to Red Fort was altered during the pandemic.
  • Among the 44 Aircraft taking part in the flypast will be nine Rafale Jets and a multi-role, light attack helicopter made domestically called ‘Prachand’.
  • The magnificent Parade will also feature a total of 23 Tableaux that represent India’s rich cultural legacy, economic development, and social advancement: 17 from states and UTs, and 6 from other Ministries and Departments.
  • For the first time, the Narcotics Control Bureau will display a Tableau on the eve of the 74th Republic Day.
  • After the ceremonial avenue Rajpath was renamed last year, the first Republic Day celebrations would take place on Kartavya Path.
Historic Republic Day of Many Firsts

Let’s celebrate the 74th republic Day with great enthusiasm and pride in being an Indian!

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