Today in Parliament, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will propose the revised Budget 2023. Nirmala Sitharaman announced the PM Pranam Scheme for organic farming in order to encourage states and UTs to promote substitute fertilisers and to make usage of chemical fertilisers in moderation. She also declared that 1 crore Indian farmers will receive assistance for organic farming.

Organic Farming

India’s land is in a prime position to transition to organic farming since it offers the widest temperature range for biological activity and growth, which maximises the potential yield.

Organic farming is a farming method that employs pest control derived from organic manure and animal or plant waste. Organic and natural farming do not use synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Natural farming practices benefit the rural economy in addition to improving soil quality and fertility because cattle are an important part of such farming practices.

A process of raising crops and cattle without the use of pesticides, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, or growth hormones is known as organic farming. The goal of an organic farming system is to maximise the vigor and productivity of an agroecosystem by focusing on soil organisms, plants, livestock, and people. The development of environmentally friendly, sustainable endeavors is the main objective of organic production.

Career Opportunities in Organic Farming

In large cities, there is a huge demand for organic farming, and the costs are competitive. Urban residents are paying close attention to their food and drink since they have recently grown to be very conscious of their health. Young adults who are enterprising start their careers in organic farming in India in this environment. The demand for organic produce in metro areas is growing, making it a viable way for farmers to boost their revenue.

Some of the career opportunities in organic farming are;

  • Organic Agricultural Manager
  • Organic Agricultural or Food Scientist
  • Organic Farmer or Ranchers
Budget 2023: Organic Farming Job Opportunity

After completing a good education in Agribusiness combined with organic farming, aspirant candidates can gain practical experience through entry-level work in nurseries, farms, and landscaping businesses. Even official internships are offered to prospective applicants by some farms or agribusinesses.
After completing an organic farming course, a person can acquire marketing tactics to grow their organic farming business and claim the title “certified organic” on the food they produce.

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