What are some good books to learn about the Indian economy or economics?
Many aspirants ask this question. The UPSC civil services examination includes a significant portion of the Indian economy and economics(Paper 1 for 200 marks) in the Civil Services Exam Prelims and also a significant topic for every competitive exams.

Economic and Social Development, such as Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, and Social Sector Initiatives etc are some of the important topics that will be asked in most of the competitive exams. so a thorough and detailed knowledge regarding these concepts is very much vital.

There are numerous Economics books available on the market, but it is critical to obtain the most recommended Economics books for the exam preparations.

Let us look at the most popular books used by aspirants and have a good rating to study the Indian economy for the UPSC CSE Preliminary examinations.

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Descriptive questions about the Indian economy play a significant role in the UPSC and State PSC mains exams. Aspirants can do well in this paper if they read authentic books and seek appropriate guidance.

Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy is a comprehensive text that covers all topics covered in the UPSC Preliminary and Main syllabuses.The book is known as the Gita of the Indian Economy. The book is a fantastic product that has been a best-seller for many years. It also includes a glossary, multiple-choice questions, and sample test papers to help you prepare for the exam. You can learn many popular and required topics from the book while also practicing for the exam.

Indian Economy Key Concepts by Sankarganesh K

A simple and easy-to-read book. Although it is not a complete/one-stop solution, this is one of the best books available for understanding fundamental concepts.
For proper syllabus coverage, this book should be supplemented with Ramesh Singh/Sanjiv Varma’s book.

Indian Economy by the Datt and Sundaram

This book contains up-to-date study material with explanations of relevant topics such as Industrial Policy and Indian Planning, Public Sector and Indian Planning, Food Security in India, farmer suicide, Indian economic problems, Globalization and Its Impact on India, Union Budget 2018-19, and New Economic Policy 1991, among others.

Economics Book for UPSC Aspirants

Nearly every subject necessary for the UPSC and other competitive exams is covered in this book. So, if you want to learn about the Indian economy, this is a must-read book.

Indian Economy By Uma Kapila

The book is widely accepted as a textbook for undergraduate students and is widely regarded as one of the best UPSC economics books.
The book incorporates the most recent recommended readings and covers all of the important topics in Economics. The book also includes a detailed glossary of terms used in the Indian economy. This book is one of the best because of its simple language and up-to-date data and explanations of various economic and social issues.

Indian Economy by Sanjiv Verma

This is a small and handy book with only 348 pages. However, a smaller number of pages does not diminish the importance of the book. This book is based on the UPSC syllabus. As a result, the students can cover all of the course’s details and relevant aspects with this book. The book is considered the best for competition preparation because it has appropriate segments and chapters for each topic.

NCERT Books that you can refer for a better understanding of the Indian Economy

1) NCERT Class 9: Economics
2) NCERT Class 10: Understanding Economic Development
3) NCERT Class 11: Indian Economic Development
4) NCERT Class 12: Introductory Microeconomics
5) NCERT Class 12: Introductory Macroeconomics

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